Friday, June 01, 2012

pgstatview: Visualize your PostgreSQL in a minute

As you all may know, understanding activities inside database management system is one of the important, but difficult and painful tasks for DBAs, not only for newbies, but also experienced DBAs. I saw many DBAs struggling with PostgreSQL because of such difficulties.

Today, I'd like to introduce a brand-new tool, pgstatview.
pgstatview, a new visualization tool for PostgreSQL, has been developed to help DBAs and make it easier to understand what is actually going on inside PostgreSQL.

pgstatview allows DBA to visualize database activities with using several metrics both inside and outside PostgreSQL: transaction commit/rollbacks, tuple inserts/updates/deletes, cache hit ratio, bgwriter writes, WAL writes, and so on. You can see some sample reports here: Sample 1, Sample 2.

pgstatview has its unique advantages.