Saturday, May 15, 2010

5 steps to implement a PostgreSQL replication system

Yesterday, I tried to build a PostgreSQL master-slave replication system with new feature "Streaming Replication (SR)", which is coming in the next PostgreSQL major release 9.0 as a built-in replication solution, and it worked well on my servers.

I feel it is very easy to configure, so I have decided to make some memos here for building a PostgreSQL master-slave replication system.

Here are 5 steps to implement a PostgreSQL replication system.
  1. Build and install binaries.
  2. Initialize a database cluster and duplicate it.
  3. Configure the master node.
  4. Configure the slave node(s).
  5. Start the master and slave node(s).
Ok, let's start.

(This photo was taken at the PostgreSQL 9 TestFest Japan.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PostgreSQL 9 TestFest Japan on Apr.4

Some Japanese PostgreSQL developers are inspired by the SFPUG’s TestFest announce, and we are now planning to have our TestFest at 3am-10am Apr.4 in Tokyo/Japan, which is equivalent to 11am-6pm Apr.3 PST in SanFrancisco.

PostgreSQL 9 is going to be a very exciting release, and we hope to try many new things around PostgreSQL 9. So we have decided to have our TestFest as an all-night event, like a hackathon.