Sunday, March 28, 2010

PostgreSQL 9 TestFest Japan on Apr.4

Some Japanese PostgreSQL developers are inspired by the SFPUG’s TestFest announce, and we are now planning to have our TestFest at 3am-10am Apr.4 in Tokyo/Japan, which is equivalent to 11am-6pm Apr.3 PST in SanFrancisco.

PostgreSQL 9 is going to be a very exciting release, and we hope to try many new things around PostgreSQL 9. So we have decided to have our TestFest as an all-night event, like a hackathon.
  • Event: PostgreSQL 9 TestFest Japan
  • Date/Time: Apr.4 2010 Sunday, 3am-10am (The room will be open at 11pm Apr.3)
  • Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo (Meeting room at Forcia, Inc.)
  • Room capacity: max 15
  • Language: Japanese and English
  • More details:
In this event, we have a lot to do, like:
  • Several kinds of tests on several kinds of platforms.
  • Benchmark tests.
  • Application porting and tests.
  • Online conversations with SFPUG and other PUGs guys (using UStream, Skype or others).
  • Lightning talks.
  • Networking people.
  • ... and anything you want to do here. :)
To understand what we will do, please also visit the SFPUG’s wiki page.

We are still need more ideas and attendees. So if you’re interested in this event, please visit our wiki page and search “TestFest” in Twitter. And if you’re living in Tokyo, please join us. (Of course, if you're in SanFrancisco, you can join to the SFPUG's TestDay! :)

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TestFest in Tokyo!

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