Saturday, December 05, 2009

Back to the OpenSource world

Finally, I’m back to the OpenSource world.

In 2004, I started working as a PostgreSQL developer and database engineer. While I was working as a PostgreSQL engineer, I was joining several PostgreSQL cluster projects, including Slony-II. Unfortunately, some were not happen, but it gave me great experiences.

At the same time, I was working as a director of Japan PostgreSQL Users Group (JPUG), and planned and run several community events such as JPUG conferences, camps and study groups. I was enjoying meeting with technical and non-technical people around PostgreSQL in Japan.

After a few years working as a PostgreSQL engineer, I moved to the datacenter business division in Oct.2007, and started working as a business developer of the datacenter services. It was very exciting to look for the market in the datacenter and cloud boom.

The reason why I moved to the datacenter division (and left PostgreSQL) was that the huge trend of the OpenSource technology was moving into the datacenter to build the cloud or next generation platform services. I predicted “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” trend before used this word. Although the world is moving into the cloud as I predicted, I didn’t win the business. :-) Anyway, I was very interested in the platform services based on the OpenSource technology.

When I was in the datacenter business development, I visited San Francisco in 2008 summer vacation to attend LinuxWorld/NGDC. It was my first trip to SilliconValley, and I had my first English Lightning Talk in the pgDay at LinuxWorld.

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This trip was so exciting for me, and in this trip, I made my decision to start my own company.

After I spent one year as a business developer, I moved to the system management team in the datacenter division. I was responsible to implement and manage our customers’ web platform, which uses OSS, in our datacenter.

While I was working in the datacenter, I understood the monitoring and understanding systems behaviors to keep availability and performance for many systems in the datacenter is very difficult and tough work for many (newbie) engineers. In fact, DBA and high-skilled engineers are very rare in the industry, but the monitoring and administrating are very important for the businesses.

And one month ago, I quitted my previous job, and started my own company, to run OpenSource and system management technology business.

Ok. It’s time to resume my blog to record my thoughts and experiences about the PostgreSQL and OpenSource, and I want having a discussion about such topics with many developers around the world. I will really enjoy it!

So now I should say,

"Hello, world again!"

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