Monday, September 26, 2011

xlogdump 0.5.0 released

Hi, pg folks,

xlogdump is a tool for extracting data from WAL segment files. I'm pleased to announce the latest version of xlogdump, 0.5.0, after a few weeks from the previous release 0.4.0.

I think xlogdump would be helpful to understand PostgreSQL behaviors, and you can enjoy brand-new features in this version, so please try it if you're interested in it.

In this version 0.5.0, xlogdump is able to show not only xlog records itself, but also the statistics of xlog records as the right pic.

Details of the changes in 0.5.0 are here:
2011-09-26 Satoshi Nagayasu 
    * Version 0.5.0
    * Fixed to allow to be compiled againt 9.1.
    * Fixed Makefile to fit with the PostgreSQL `contrib' directory.
    * Fixed compilation errors which depend on a variety of platforms.
    * Improved and added several xlog record outputs on RMGR operations.
    * Added `-n, --oid2name' options to show the object names, instead
      of the object ids, with looking up the system catalogs.
    * Renamed `--username' option with `--user'.
    * Added default values for `--host', `--port', and `--user' options.
    * Rewrote local oid-name caching functions for looking up object
      names from object ids.
    * Replaced `--rmname' option with `--rmid' to specify a RMGR id,
      not RMGR name, for the output filter by the specific RMGR.
    * Added `-x, --xid' options to filter printing xlog records by
      the specific transaction id.
    * Fixed timestamp outputs on printing commit/abort xlog records.
    * Fixed SEGV on specifying `--statements' option.
      (But this option is still not working)
    * Added `-S, --stats' options to collect and show statistics of
      xlog records from the WAL segment(s).

You can download the new xlogdump from the github download page.

Downloads for snaga's xlogdump - GitHub

Also you can see README there:

If you have any bug reports and/or comments, please feel free to email me.


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