Thursday, December 03, 2015

pgDay Asia 2016: Call for Presentation has started

As I sent the announce to pgsql-announce a few days ago, we are pleased to announce the first pan-Asian PostgreSQL conference in March 2016 in Singapore.
pgDay Asia is the PostgreSQL conference series for all PostgreSQL enthusiasts in the Asia Pacific region.

pgDay Asia 2016 is a 2-day event linking to FOSSASIA 2016, one of the largest FLOSS conferences in Asia.
So, you will be able to enjoy both the first Asian PostgreSQL conference and one of the largest FLOSS conferences to meet new friends in Asia on the same week!

A few days ago, we opened the pgDay Asia web site, and the Call for Presentations has begun. Please submit your talks to share your experiences and meet new friends in Asia.

And if you are interested in pgDay Asia, please subscribe to our list to stay informed on the website.

*** Date ***

  • March 17 and 19 (FOSSASIA 2016 will be held on March 18-20)

*** Venue ***

  • NUS Plug-In@Blk71, Singapore (and some hotel around NUS)

*** Call for Presentations ***

  • 2015-11-26: Proposals acceptance begins
  • Late-December: Proposals acceptance ends
  • Mid-January: Authors of accepted proposals contacted
And if your company is interested in sponsoring this conference, please let us know.

All other information you need are available here:
Please visit our website, and let's meet many PG and FLOSS guys in Singapore!

This conference is organized by the PostgreSQL people from Asian communities (You can see the list on the web site), and we are working on a few things about the conference to be determined. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.

See you in Singapore! :)

Here is a presentation slides which I used for a lightning talk at pgcon2015 in Ottawa. Please check this out too.

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