Monday, January 30, 2012

PostgreSQL Conference 2012 on February 24 in Japan

Japan PostgreSQL Users Group will be having an annual 1day technical conference, PostgreSQL Conference 2012, on February 24 in Tokyo. There will be two keynote sessions and 13 sessions on PostgreSQL.
(The photo was taken by @koyhoge at PostgreSQL Conference 2011)
The opening keynote is "How a large organization moved its critical application toward PostgreSQL" by Philippe Beaudoin from Bull, France. Migrating a large database in the public sector is always interesting topic for open source communities. I'm very interested in this keynote.

The second keynote is "An Overview of PostgreSQL 9.2" by Robert Haas from EnterpriseDB, the United States. I have already known a few enhancements in 9.2, but it's hard to catch up with all of the discussions in pgsql-hackers, so I'm looking forward to hearing about that.

Also, the conference will have three tracks: Technical track, Migration track, and Tutorial track.

The Technical track will have 5 sessions.
  • Evaluating PostgreSQL with LifeKeeper, Infiniband and IO accelerator
  • Implementing on-memory query cache on pgpool-II
  • PostgreSQL-XC: A read-write-scalable PostgreSQL cluster
  • Building High Availability Synchronous Replication with Pacemaker
  • Extending PostgreSQL with FDW
The Migration track will have 4 sessions.
  • Building a guideline for PostgreSQL design and administration
  • Migrating database from a commercial RDBMS to PostgreSQL
  • An introduction to Better PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL Plus Server
  • Tips for migrating database from MySQL to PostgreSQL
Finally, the Tutorial track will have 4 sessions, including my talk.
  • Training new DBA with "The OSS-DB Standard Textbook"
  • An introduction to PostgreSQL Architecture and Administration (It's mine!)
  • Techniques for PostgreSQL administration and management
  • How to execute SQL with considering database security
There are lots of interesting sessions in the conference, so I'm looking forward to attending the conference and seeing pg guys there!


Robert Treat said...

Looks like a very good line up. One of these days I need to get over to Japan for one of these conferences! :-)

Satoshi Nagayasu said...

Thanks! Yeah, it would be a great day. And I'm looking forward to seeing you in Japan someday! :)

Vipin said...

could you help me please....
I tried to configure replication in windows xp with postgresql 9.0 standard edition,
1. Edit postgresql.conf on the master to turn on streaming replication. Change these settings:
listen_address = '*'
wal_level = hot_standby
max_wal_senders = 3
2. Edit pg_hba.conf on the master in order to let the standby connect.
host replication all trust
In stadby server
1. First, in postgresql.conf, change this line:
hot_standby = on
2.Edited recovery.conf on the standby.
standby_mode = 'on'
primary_conninfo = 'host='

After putting the recovery.confg in data folder,I cant start the postgresql service.

Satoshi Nagayasu said...

Hi Vipin,

Could you send me the question via e-mail? Please send e-mail to snaga _at_ uptime _dot_ jp.

Or pgsql-general would be more helpful for you, because there're many pg guys familiar with Windows.